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Welcome - the picture shows a PATHWAYS Networking Stand at a show, where we are displaying some LEAFLETS and handing out others tucked inside our own publication. We enjoy meeting people who have come specifically to learn, and we consider that shows are the very best targeted venues for leaflet distribution. Click here to jump to RATES.

Pathways at Kempton Park

Here is the next event where Pathways is holding a networking stall.

Even though we have social media, people still want to go to real live events to enjoy the atmosphere, see live performances, meet practitioners face to face, attend lectures and workshops at affordable prices and see for themselves what is on offer at the myriad stands, all under one roof, or sometimes in one field! PATHWAYS keeps in touch with show organisers all over the country, and where possible we take a stand, especially at the major shows which may be beyond the budget of practitioners. You can download their latest press releases from our exhibitions page.

Large or small quantities of leaflets are displayed and visitors can choose them by browsing the leaflet racks or table display on the stand. We bring leftovers back, store them and re-select for the next show, or distribute them to other venues or in mailings if requested or if they are "date-sensitive". We accept quantities of as few as 100, but to last through several shows allow up to 500 copies - leaflets are taken to the next available show in your area. If you want your leaflets to be actively distributed inside our handed-out package, for major shows allow 500 per day, which costs less pro rata - "it's cheaper by the thousand" - and this can be continued postal distribution, which is charged at the same rate - see distribution.

POSTERS: If you have provided enough copies, we will put your leaflets in more than one pile, thus increasing their visibility. Alternatively if you want to enhance your leaflet display, we will display poster/s alongside your leaflets @ £8 per A4 per day pro rata - NB the Mind Body Spirit in Manchester takes place over three days.

: are based on £10 plus a rate derived from the weight and number of leaflets you provide, minimum 12p each for postcards or A5 or 16p each for A4 leaflets, whether flat or folded, plus 1p per fold if required. Heavy papers (glossy or card) are charged at 2p per gramme weight so will cost more. Unusually shaped or much heavier items, eg booklets, are individually priced - please weigh ten and phone us, or send a few copies so we can weigh them - weights are crucial because of the costs to us of mailing out remainders. Here is a ready-reckoner covering three typical formats: The figures below include the £10 transaction fee.

A6/A5 flyers from 12p each A4 leaflets from 16p each A5/A4 Booklets up to 40p

100 copies = £22
200 copies = £34
300 copies = £46
400 copies = £58
500 copies = £70

100 copies = £26 ... £30
200 copies = £42 ... £50
300 copies = £58 ... £70
400 copies = £74 ... £90
500 copies = £90 ... £110
100 copies = £50
200 copies = £90
300 copies = £130
400 copies = £170
500 copies = £210

Basically the system is to deliver leaflets to our office: PathwaysX, 12 Southcote Road, London N19 5BJ, with payment, in advance of shows. If leaflets are being delivered direct to a stand, you can enclose a cheque or preferably send payment separately, with a sample leaflet, in advance.
If you are unsure of costs and prefer to initially send a sample for quotation, please send ten copies. We will advise on the most cost-effective strategy and quote and/or invoice you. Alternatively, you can send a cheque to Pathways for £50 as a deposit and we will invoice or credit you the balance.

Do package the leaflets so as to prevent them becoming dishevilled in a large envelope. You can avoid this by banding them into lots of, say, 50, and within each lot please make them face the same way round. Do indicate the quantity of leaflets in the consignment in a cover-letter with your cheque. Use first class "letter post" or special delivery for speed, or if you are well in advance of your target show, second class post can be used for packages up to 1 kilogramme - you can split the consignment into several packages, otherwise use Parcel Post - the post office provides a guaranteed overnight delivery for reasonable cost. There are many other specialised delivery services available.

If you wish to deliver personally or by courier to the office, please call to make sure we are in: 020-7607-7852. If you have only found out about our service once the show is under way, please call on 07966-216891 and/or just come along to the stand - we can incorporate your leaflets in the display - and next time once you know the system, you can send them in advance.

PRINTING - we recommend offset-litho printing for cost-effectiveness, but this requires proper design, which we can do - but not in the last few days prior to a major exhibition. Long-standing organisations will know how to organise their printing, but for individual practitioners who may not have the resources to produce their own materials we will take up the task up from where it is needed - see - design - in order to support our distribution service. We can provide emergency laser-printing or photocopying based on 5p (black) or 10p (colour) a side plus £1 per 100 cut, but you will need to send copy to us digitally:

ADVERTISING - please see rates - the £10 booking fee is discounted when adverts are placed in the next edition before or after the exhibition - this applies to both web and paper advertising - having your events listed in our calendar for an additional £10 each can be a cost-effective add-on to your leaflet display.

EXCHANGE and VOLUNTEERING - if affordability is a problem, please do not haggle about prices, which we consider are a bare minimum, and likely to increase. Instead we are amenable to special arrangements in lieu of payment. This might be done by allowing an hourly rate (currently £5) for working with Pathways, which can be offset against your total costs - but availability is not guaranteed, as we do need monetary income to balance our costs, and non-commercial organisations are prioritised. In due course, when technically possible, we will be offering a membership scheme, whereby credits earned by volunteering can be used to access events or treatments offered by others in the network. To volunteer please call 020-7607-7852 or 07966-216891.

for helping on the Pathways Stand: to volunteer please call 020-7607-7852 or 07966-216891
NB We need several volunteers at any one time to cover the various tasks.


Help is also appreciated when setting up and packing down and at many other times throughout the year.