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When writing to us for the first time, please introduce yourself! Tell us who you are and what your work is about. Make sure you include your full contact details, including website and postal address, correctly typed, so that we can send you the relevant sample edition/s of our paper publication. Emailings are free and we will add you to our occasional mailing list, but to ensure you receive our postal mailings you can subscribe @ £10. You can also send deposits for advertising of £20.

Organisation/ Centre/ Project (if any):
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County/city: Postcode:
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Website (if any):

Most importantly, your EMAIL ADDRESS:

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I would like to receive information by EMAIL and/or by POST.
When you send leaflets out, please send me approximately extra copies.

I would like to send you leaflets for display or distribution by post or at shows. I need help with the design of production of my leaflets.

I would like to place an advert (please tick all that apply) for my practitice, centre/ premises, workshop/s, residential/s, exhibition/ festival/s, training course/s, open meeting/s, network, organisation, publication, mail-order, other.

I would like to contribute editorial material

Please include in this box additional information about your organisation, centre or project, any other queries or special needs not covered by the above, and most importantly - in addition to contact details above - the TEXT OF YOUR ADVERT.

This form comes to us as an email message. We will email you back to clarify the format and cost of your advert on our website and whether printed or distribution options are available for your area at this time. Payments for subs and/or advertising may be sent direct to our account (details on request).