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Leaflet Distribution
Each of our own publications, which have print-runs of 20,000 are handed out from our networking stands at major exhibitions as well as being posted go by post or direct distrbution to about 2,000 addresses, about half to individuals who have requested our mailings or subscribed, and half to regular outlets, ie centres, shops, and public libraries, which receive a bundle. In support of these mailings we are pleased to include your leaflets as inserts either singly or in bundles. We also do dedicated geographically targeted mailings on request - we will also distribute from our stand at major shows and we reckon on achieving an average of 500 per day, so for a six day show this would be 3,000 copies - but if they are not distributed we will do this afterwards - we do not waste copies.

Costs are based on weight but with a minimum of 8p for an A5 flyer or 10p for an A4 single sheet or folded leaflet of normal-lightweight paper, plus 1p per fold if required. Postage costs have gone up sharply, so these costs remain under review pending further increases. Here is a ready-reckoner covering two typical formats with reasonably light weights of paper:

A5 flyers (half a sheet)
1,000 copies = £80
2,000 copies = £160
3,000 copies = £240
4,000 copies = £320
5,000 copies = £400

A4 flyers/leaflets (one sheet)
1,000 copies = £100
2000 copies = £200
3000 copies = £300
4000 copies = £400
5000 copies = £500

Heavy papers (eg glossy or card) are charged at 1p per gramme weight so will cost more - so we will need to have at least ten copies of the actual brochures in our hands before we can quote firmly. Much heavier items, eg brochures and booklets, are considered individually in relation to the total mailing cost. Discounts are negotiable for major distribution jobs. Items which we have to fold are charged @ 1p extra per fold - we recommend A5 format to avoid this. If you have any difficulties working out the total cost of your mailing, please send us a sample (ten copies to weigh if there might be any doubt about the weight) and we will quote.

To the above, add £10 transaction fee (see Terms of Business) plus any listing fees if required for our printed and publication and website (minimum £10 but see also annual discount rates). Please let us know your needs and we will respond. You can meet up with us on our networking stands at exhibitions, where we also hand out leaflets as well as displaying smaller quantitites.

The normal address for leaflet delivery unless otherwise advised is:
Pathways, 12 Southcote Road, London N19 5BJ