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Design & Promotion Consultancy

May of our clients find us at exhibitions, and ask us to display their leaflets, or they call us when establishing their therapy practices or promoting events for the first time, because they have been recommended to us. Usually the initial job uses your existing material. However, when advising you on the best way forward, we often find ourselves recommending a better standard of printed material, or a web presence, as well as advising you generally on getting your message across.

We have a dedicated printer who from many years' experience is expert at all styles of print from low-cost single-colour jobs to full-colour design, and who can print on every type of paper from special or recycled paper to different weights of gloss. In addition we can use digital photography and can incorporate the images in your leaflets and web pages. We aim to produce the best effect for the lowest possible outlay to suit all budgets, and we keep your designs so that updates are at minimal cost.

If you would like us to advise you, please send your printed material to us by post, and/or text in the body of an email with any existing designs attached as a tif or jpg file. Initial advice is free of charge. Once we begin a job we charge at an agreed rate per hour for our design work, but this may be minimal or waived if we are only formatting an existing design for print. Once we have sight of copy we will be able to quote for the print job you require. For web design, the costs will vary according to the scale of your requirements, and may be very little to give you an adequate web presence - see web.

To initiate the process simply email your proposed text and images to us without obligation and we will quote. Use the form if you are new otherwise email us.


PRINTING - Ready Reckoner -
- in development

Please note our final quote is subject to sight of copy and certain details such as type of paper, particular inks, style of finishing and delivery area. When describing your job, try to cover these factors and give us an idea of your overall budget and size of print you are considering. By understanding your aims, we may be able to advise you on saving costs. Full-colour can cost a lot, and because of the setting up costs of printing, it's cheaper by the thousand. If you are looking for smaller quantities we can consider print-from-computer options for coloured leaflets and photocopying for intermediate quantities. We may also be able to match your leaflet with another one in the printing process to save costs as long as we have time to make this arrangement - in order to decide if this is possible we need to know about any special factors or deadlines. Before we can quote accurately please send a copy of your leaflet text and design so far, especially if you don't yet know what shape your leaflet needs to be.

We need to know these factors:
We can then estimate in this way:
Size of
Leaflet and
No of sides
Number of Pages
Number of


Choice of Ink/Paper

Size & cost of recommended initial printrun
Run-on quantity & cost
Total for final job
A6 - SS
  A6 - SS Quarter 2                  
  A6 - SS Quarter 3                  
  A6 - SS Quarter 4                  
  A6 - DS Front+Back 1                  
  A6 - DS Front+Back 2                  
  A6 - DS Front+Back 3                  
  A6 - DS Front+Back 4                  
A5 - SS
  A5 - SS Half 2                  
  A5 - SS Half 3                  
  A5 - SS Half 4                  
  A5 - DS Front+Back 1                  
  A5 - DS Front+Back 2                  
  A5 - DS Front+Back 3                  
  A5 - DS Front+Back 4                  
A4 - SS
Full Page
  A4 - SS Full Page 2                  
  A4 - SS Full Page 3                  
  A4 - SS Full Page 4                  
  A4 - DS Front+Back 1                  
  A4 - DS Front+Back 2                  
  A4 - DS Front+Back 3                  
  A4 - DS Front+Back 4                  
  A3 - SS Poster 1                  
  A3 - SS Poster 2                  
  A3 - SS Poster 3                  
  A3 - SS Poster 4                  
  A3 - DS FF+FF 1                  
  A3 - DS FF+FF 2                  
  A3 - DS FF+FF 3                  
A3 - DS