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PATHWAYS & VIBES Publications

We have two paper publications, the PATHWAYS BULLETIN (London edition) founded in November 1988, and a more recent development, PATHWAYS & VIBES (North of England), each in single-sheet format on coloured recycled paper folded to A5. If you have not seen the printed version, you can now view them online by going to publications. We include the content of these publications on this website, and in order to assist advertisers whose schedule does not match ours we may do web-only adverts and/or email broadcasts.

Advertising in PATHWAYS (South) and VIBES (North)

Rates: In addition to the prices below there is a £10 transaction fee (see Terms & Rates) for each booking - to make savings include as much in the same transaction as you wish, and if you want to advertise on a regular basis we will work out a standard monthly rate to cover all your regular requirements including leaflet distribution at shows (see networking) and this can be paid by standing order without booking fee. Our publications are costed each on a quarterly basis with 20,000 copies per issue, web-updates on an ongoing basis. Printed adverts are included in the web, and we are now beginning to do web-only adverts.

£10 per entry per line per edition per issue, ie £5 North, £5 South, £5 Web for any standard format, ie Contact, Class, Venue, Diary. To save on booking fees, include material for several issues. Events may appear ahead of time if space allows at no extra cost - but guaranteed inclusion in "Looking Ahead" counts as two listings).

TYPESETTING: plus £2 per column-centimetre for the initial set-up (minimum £10) or £1/cc for updated text based on the same design, at our discretion. We reserve the right to charge £30 per hour for extended web and paper designs.

PRINTED BOXES: Design fee as above plus £20 per column-centimetre, based on 6.5 width or £10/cc half-width - currently this covers inclusion on the website at least for the duration of the printed edition.

LINEAGE: or £1 per word per edition for unformatted word-only adverts - but for ongoing print and web advertising, please discuss your overall needs with us as we are working on a strategy to help our clients to achieve an attractive web-presence as easily and cost-effectively as possible on an annual basis - see web-only advertising.

Sending your copy: We are normally able to take copy by phone between 10am and 3pm, or you can email, fax or post it to us in hard copy - in fact if you send us your whole brochure with broad instructions we may be able work from that. If you are sending precise wording, first study the layout of the Bulletin to decide which formats you require and this will enable you to send the relevant text in the right order. If you have a list of events, you don't need to re-type constant items - just provide the changing elements (eg lecture titles) and put the constant elements including contact details once only. If you have already designed the advert you can send it as a graphic but in case we can't read it please also put the text in the body of an email, and attach any images in jpg format, failing which you can put them in a Word attachment. We will re-construct the advert to match your design and proof it back to you.

WORKING OUT COSTS: Whatever combination of the above suits your requirements we will work out the most cost-effective options for you. For example we may combine the costs of initial setup with ongoing updates into an agreed monthly amount to be paid by standing order.

PAYMENT: Please go to our FORM page and use payment button at the bottom. Watch this space for additional facilities for data input that we are working on. Meanwhile we will quote and invoice you.

NB When contacting us for the first time please include your full contact details.