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About Us

PATHWAYS was founded in 1988 when we mounted our first display of leaflets on behalf of clients at the Healing Arts Exhibition, then in its first year. With it we started a small paper publication "The Pathways Bulletin" which was circulated freely, in the London area, and to subscribers by mail, linked with a display service for leaflets at major exhibitions exhibitions. Born out of a deep dissatisfaction with what was available from the psychiatric services for people in personal distress, the mission was, and still is:

(i) to educate the public on the wide range of approaches to personal development that are on offer, (ii) to support practitioners by providing an affordable publicity service, (iii) to network with other publications and organisations which share the aim, ie to promote a new paradigm of "wholism or "holism" whereby people are viewed as whole persons (integrating body, mind and spirit), rather than a collection of organs or symptoms, and furthermore, we can become the authors of our own progress, rather than passive recipients of therapeutic services. The main idea of "pathways", therefore, is that everyone can find something relevant in what we publish to help them on their own path.

Over the years the holistic field has expanded rapidly, and we cover the whole range of complementary /alternative therapies for physical health, plus spiritual/ transpersonal approaches to personal development, as well as linking in with organisations concerned with healing the planet. Instead of two, sometimes three shows per year, we support dozens by publicising them, and attend as many as we can to do our "networking thing". In our publications - which have become two, one specifically for the North of England (where we have incorporated Vibes magazine), the other still covering the South of England, we also try to feature as many Open Meetings as possible, because these enable individuals to sample at low cost, without commitment, different approaches which may be relevant to their needs.

We are only relatively recently using the web as our main focus has been our paper publications and exhibition leaflet display service. Pages accessed from the top section of the column on the left describe our services, whilst pages accessed from our home page reflect the contents of our paper publications and more. Please contact us any time with your ideas about how we can develop our services to make them more useful to you.